Curly or Straight? Finding the Perfect Hairstyle for You

It is inevitable that if we are born with straight hair, and once we get to a certain age, we wish we had curly hair and vice versa. No matter what type of hair you were born with, remember that you are all beautiful. Here is the beauty of it darlings, with the hairstylists of today, you can have it all! 

How to Achieve Both Looks on Demand

Here is the trick! When you go to the salon next time, ask your stylist about a body wave. He or she can make your straight hair wave. When you are in the mood to go straight, simply get out your hairdryer and set it on medium heat, so you will not damage your hair.

Take a grouping of your hair with your hairbrush and gently pull it straight down while blow-drying. Keep doing that to another grouping of hair and so on. You have now gone back to straight for your day at work or your evening out, unless you get into some rain. If it is a rainy day, be sure to grab your umbrella ladies!

How to Rock Your Curls

There are so many hot looks that can be achieved when you are blessed with some curly locks. Let’s take a look at some scenarios. It is hot outside and you want a stylish look. You will need a nice sized hair clip if you have some length to your hair. Don’t be afraid to use your hands. They are your best tools! 

Take your hair with both hands and gently pull it back, then twist it toward the back of your head and then bend the rest upward. Take your hair clip and put iin place in the middle area of the back of your head.

Make sure you leave about three or four inches to loosley hang over your hair clip. You will want to leave some wisps of hair free around your face and at your neckline. This gives you a fun and sexy look that allows you to stay cool at the same time.   

What if it is a cool evening and you are going out on the town? Ladies, let your hair down. Try some styling sprays like Paul Mitchell’s Fast Drying Hairspray, to create a knock dead gorgeous look. You can style your hair with no part, middle part, or a side part.   

Creating Some Volume

Some of us whether we are graced with straight hair or curly hair need a little help with some volume. Do not fret darlings. There are many products out there to help you. If you have tried one and it did not work for you, do not let that get you down. You just need to find the right product for you.

Try Matrix Vavoom Height of Glam Volumizing Hair Foam. You can also take your comb and backcomb near the base of your head and then give it a spray with some Matrix Vavoom Shape Maker Extra Hold Shaping Hairspray and Vavoom!

Image Source: Pixabay