Cool and Sassy Lip Shades Every Girl Should Have on Hand

Greetings darlings! I hope you’re all having an absolutely fabulous day or night for that matter! Have you ever run into trouble when you reached into your purse or expensive handbag for a certain color of lip shade and found that it wasn’t there? If so, you’ll want to check out this list of cool and sassy lip shades every girl should have on hand. 

Cherry Red

It might be a classic, but it’s still in style. Cherry red is a lip shade color that will never day, and in the world of fashion and beauty, that is saying something. Thousands of trends, fads have come and went, but cherry red lipstick is forever. 

Light Pink

While every girl needs a bold color like cherry red on hand at all times, you’ll need something on the lighter side for more casual occasions. Light pink is one of the cool and sassy lip shades every girl should have on hand because it’s not just sassy, it’s versatile. 


Are you thirsting for something bold? Something fresh? Then you’ll want to carry some bright fuchsia lipstick at all times! When it comes to cool and sassy lip shades every girl should have, fuchsia is one of the most unique. 

Just think of how many outfit combinations you can pair it with! Imagine walking into your favorite cafe wearing a white pantsuit with a black Gucci handbag and bright fuchsia lipstick. Likewise, you could pair this lipstick with a black turtleneck and jeans just as easily for a more casual yet remarkably brilliant look. 

Autumnal Orange

Orange might not be the first shade of lipstick that comes to mind when thinking of cool and sassy lip shades every girl should have, but it’s certainly one of them. Why? Because it’s unique. Not only is it unique, but it’s not too far out there to make it difficult to pull off. 

With the right outfit, you can rock autumnal orange any time of the year. Don’t knock it until you try it, just make sure to wear the right colors with it. Orange lipstick pairs marvelously with black, gray, brown, green, white, and even navy blue. Try wearing some flowy shite slacks with a navy blue v-neck sweater and orange lipstick, you’ll be glad you did!

That’s all, for now, darlings, in the meantime you should be stocking those purses with all of these fabulous shades. 




Image Source: Pixabay