Colorful Layering to Match Your Personality

Layering your clothes can give off different compliments to both your body and your style. During the fall months, layering can also keep you warm while still making you look good! Your clothing style says a lot about your personality as well. Here are a few ways to layer up without looking baggy and overstuffed this fall.

The Base Color of Your Outfit

Starting here you’ll want to choose a solid color as the foundation of your outfit. For example, find something comfortable in your closet like a V-neck sweater. Layer underneath with a collared button-down shirt preferably white.

If you want to spice up your look for work or a night out add a pop of color to contrast the sweater and give it a sharper look. If you want to get even more creative find yourself a patterned shirt to add dimension. To add a little more sizzle roll up the sweater sleeves to expose the button-down shirt.

Add to your Layers

After you’ve got your sweater layered over your top, add a little extra with a denim jacket! Even if you’re wearing jeans you won’t look foolish with all the denim.

You can also add a wool or leather jacket if the denim doesn’t compliment your personality. Make sure when you layer you can still move around without the garments being too tight on your arms. Keep trying different combinations until you’ve found the exact style that you’re wanting.

Layering Patterns and Prints

When you decide to layer prints and patterns one rule that will always be safest to follow is to match the shapes. Super easy straight lines with straight lines (stripes plaid and geometrics) curved lines with curved lines (camouflage polka dots florals).

Follow The Latest Trends

Without simply copying the last scarf that you saw on social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram,  you can find all sorts of different trendy layered outfits to try out.

They might not all fit but go ahead and take the risk to see what you like and see what shows off your own personality best!

Let Your Clothes Tell Your Story

Don’t sit in the shadows of clothes long past, live in the present and update your wardrobe. Your clothing style says a lot about you so let it show off who you want to be today, tomorrow, and the next day after that. Who do you want to be? Who do you want to show off to the world? Be that and show it proudly!

Image Source: Pixabay