Colored Contacts: Are They Worth It?

Especially when looking at social media, there seems to be a fix for everything you might want to change about your looks. The same goes for eye color, not happy with your blue eyes? No problem, just get yourself some colored contacts and you are good to go again. However, contacts are not just a makeup product that you smear on your face to look a bit more tanned, you are actually putting something in your eyes.

Here are a few things to consider about colored contacts before deciding for yourself if they are worth using:

Invest in quality

First and foremost, it is your sight we are talking about so you definitely don´t want to mess around with quality here. If you use the wrong product, you could permanently damage your eyes so you will want to talk to a specialist to help you pick out the best option for you. Definitely don´t buy them alone without the input from an optometrist, think of contacts as a medical prescription instead of a beauty product.

Vision correction

Colored contacts are available both with and without vision correction. So, if you are already wearing contacts or glasses because your sight needs it, this does not mean you can´t wear colored contacts. Just get them with vision correction and you will achieve the same effect without seeing less.

Right size

If you have never worn contacts before you might not know this, but they come in different sizes and fit is really important. This is another reason why the above point about talking to a specialist is so important because, again, you don´t want to damage your eyes!

Keep them clean

This may sound like common sense, but please make sure you clean your colored contacts well. They are going into your eyes and you will want to establish a good routine of keeping them at night in clean containers with the right liquid. Also, no matter how clean you keep them, specialists say that colored contacts might cause more infections than regular contacts because it is supposed to more difficult for oxygen to reach your cornea. There are studies that claim that wearing colored contacts significantly increases the risk for keratitis, an infection that can actually blind you, which is obviously something to keep in mind as well when making the decision if colored contacts are worth it or not.


Finally, colored contacts tend to be more expensive than normal contacts. But again, when it comes to this product you don´t want to get a cheap version online because of the potentially damaging effects this could have on your sight. If you want to wear them, go for quality and pay the price that comes with that.