Closet Organization Tips: How To Know It´s Time To Get Rid Of Old Styles

When it comes to our closet, we tend to keep a lot of clothes just in case. Maybe it will come back into fashion… Maybe I will fit into this one day… Maybe this will come in handy at some point… However, by thinking like that, at some point our wardrobes will just explode with the amount of stuff in it and it will be difficult to keep the overview and find the things you are wearing. So, it´s time to declutter and organize your closet a bit and to get rid of some of the old styles. Here is how to know it´s time to let go of these items:

When did you wear it last?

The first thing to consider is, when did you wear it last? Because let´s be honest, if you didn´t wear it for the last months or even years, it is probably a sign that it should be going. If you don´t know the last time you wore it, the minimalism movement uses the hanger trick for it. Hang everything with the hangers in one direction and after you wore something hang it back with the hanger backwards. That way you can easily see after a few months what you are wearing and what not.

Does it fit?

Next, does the item even fit? No matter how many plans you have to lose weight or to be able to fit in these clothes again, it probably doens´t make sense to keep all the old styles that you don´t even fit anymore. Therefore, give yourself a rule that if it doesn´t fit, it can go.

Is it broken or stained?

Then, if the item has any stains or is broken in some kind of way, that should be a red flag as well. If you have so many options in your closet, you are probably not going for the options that have holes or stains when you need to get dressed. Hence, everything that is broken or stained should probably go.

Does it have the awesomeness factor?

Finally, think about how you feel when you are wearing these items. Only if you feel truly awesome in it, this should be a keeper. Everything from your old styles that doesn´t make you feel really good about how you look, can probably go. However, this should not only apply to old styles, you should consider the awesomeness factor as well for any new clothes you buy.