Building Confidence In Fit, Not Size

In today´s digital era, with so much pressure from social media for having the perfect body and being a #fitgirl or a #fitmom or basically anything that comes close to a size 0, it might be difficult to feel confident about your body. In a world where your size seems to be a very important number, that number can easily become an obsession.

However, what if we would forget about that number and took a more holistic view of your body? Because we are pretty sure you could be a lot more confident than if you are looking just at your size!

Here is why you should build confidence based on other factors and not your size:

How fit is your body?

First of all, take a look at how fit your body is. Because let´s face it, there will be people that have a size 0 but are not fit enough to do any kind of exercise and there will be people with a (much) bigger size that run marathons! There the answer to the question about which body might be healthier is probably not going to be based on size. And, in the long run, what is more important, your body´s health or your size? Be confident about what your body is capable of and how fit it is instead of focusing solely on size.


Do you take good care of your body? Because chances are the better you treat yourself, the more positive impact this has on your confidence. Exercising regularly, eating healthy, getting enough sleep and taking time for yourself are just a few examples of how to take care of your body´s fitness and overall health. And, if you feel physically good, it is also easier to feel mentally good.


Instead of obsessing about size and other people that might be wearing smaller sizes than you do, try to think every day of three things related to your body that you´re grateful for. For example, “I am grateful that I am fit enough to run 5 miles”, “I am grateful that I am healthy”, “I am grateful that this body carried 2 healthy kids” etc. By being grateful to your body and the things it´s capable of, you will see that you will also gradually build more confidence.

A size is just a number and your self-confidence should be about so much more than that number. Instead, try to look at your health and how fit you are to build your confidence and you will feel much better for sure!