Bralette & Layering – Find Your Strappy Fun Look

With temperatures rising and summer around the corner for many of us, there are some pieces of clothes that just get a little annoying during warmer weather. Bras are one of these items, with the bra padding and wires, it can get a bit sweaty there. This explains the immense popularity of bralettes! If you don’t know the bralette, this may be your lucky day because this little piece of clothing might change your dressing life. Basically, it’s a bra without padding, without wires and it almost looks like a top. It comes in all kinds of different colors, styles, and materials. And apart from very comfortable, you will be able to create the most fashionable looks with them. Here are some outfit ideas to get you started with bralettes:


Bralettes can definitely be worn as tops as well. Therefore, try wearing it with high-waist pants and a blazer for example for a very stylish and summer look. Get yourself a print bralette for a fun effect, such as floral or animal print, and aim to go for an oversized blazer.

Denim look

Another great option is to wear your bralette with a full denim look. Get a cute pair of high-waist mom jeans or boyfriend jeans out of the closet and a denim button-down shirt which you can wear over your bralette. For this look, we recommend a light washing of the jeans with a white lace bralette, for example.

Slip dress

The bralette is a great layering option with a nice summer slip dress. Sometimes we are a bit reluctant to wear that sexy slip dress we have hanging in the closet because it might be a bit revealing and this is exactly where the bralette will come in handy. If you layer it in a different color or in a fun print underneath your slip dress, you can wear your dress to many more occasions.

Sleeveless sports top

Finally, the bralette can look awesome layered under a sleeveless oversized sports top. Here you will want to check that if you are going to do sports that you don’t wear one in lace, for example, because that might not be very comfortable with sweating. However, layering one under your sports top in a bold color can really be a cool addition to your workout outfit.

The bralette is definitely a must-have for your summer wardrobe so if you don’t have one yet, it’s time to go shopping!