Bracelets in Bulk: 4 Ways To Wear Your Bangles In Style

Almost every woman has some bangles in her jewelry box and these versatile accessories have been around for ages. They are definitely a timeless hype and can be easily combined with most outfits. Also, since there are so many different types out there, it is usually quite easy to find something for your style and that works for different occasions.

But, with so many different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles available when it comes to bangles, it can be challenging to decide the right way to wear them. Therefore, in today´s post we are going to look at how you can wear your bangles in style:

Pick the right color

You will want to choose the right type of bangles. With so much choice out there, this can already be a challenge in itself. First of all, you will want to look at your skin tone because that will impact the color you should go for. If you have a warmer skin tone, gold or bronze bangles are the right choice whereas if you have a cool skin tone, you will want to go silver ones.

Pick the right size for your bangles

When you are out shopping for bracelets, make sure to always try them on so you pick the right size. You won´t be the first that will either lose their bangles because they are too big or that has trouble taking them off because they are just a bit too small.

Mix & Match

Whereas it doesn´t work this way with other types of jewelry, the fun thing about bangles is that you can combine many different styles, colors, and designs together. This is actually advisable to make your look more fashionable and eye-catching. Wearing all the same bangles can be a little boring! So, try to mix and match different colors and designs to really make this a key point of your outfit.

Don´t overdo the bangles

Since bangles are cheap and can be combined so well together, it might be tempting to just stack your whole wrist full of them. But the key here is to not overdo it because it will be very distracting, and you won´t achieve the stylish outfit that you are looking for.

Finally, make sure you consider the rest of your outfit and, for example, the sleeve length of what you are wearing to make sure you pick the right bracelets to wear.