Belt Styles to Enhance Your Look

We have so many awesome fashion designers today that help us create the look we want to achieve. Darlings, let’s take a look at some different belt styles and what they can do for you!

How to Style Your Belt

Ladies whether you are wearing your favorite pair of jeans or trousers, here is something for you to try. After you have your belt on, take your leftover number of inches of your belt and feed it under and back over the belted part at your waist, then slip it under it and pull the loop straight down. This creates a unique artistic sense of style and Voila!

Ok, some of us are not able to get that loop just right. There is no need to frown ladies. Do not put unnecessary wrinkles on those beautiful faces. Reserve those for lessons learned and wisdom gained. You can find belts on the market like a belt by Isabel Marant, that come designed with some folds and loops already on them just for you!

Wearing Low Setting Belts

Here is a look that is sure to please. Ok ladies it’s time to put on that long knit pencil skirt with a silk, rayon, or cotton shirt that has a bit of length to it. You can go with a wider leather belt or a thinner scaled belt, it is your preference. If you are looking for a little more glam, try a belt that has some silver, gold, or a little bling on it. 

Let your belt rest just below your hips. Be sure to adjust your top a bit by pulling a little of it upward, so it is not pulled too tautly down. You want a little bit of blousing just over your belt. It is a comfortable yet sexy look to achieve. 

The Classic Belt

Ladies, do not forget the classic look! You can rock those black, flowing, pleated trousers and crisp white blouse with an absolutely beautiful belt by Versace or Dolce Gabbana that give you that classic look with a touch of class!  If you want to spice it up a bit more, try a leopard print belt by Saint Laurent!  

Leather Belts that Tie in Back

A kid type of leather is the best to use when going for this look. It is softer, more pliable, and lends itself well to a forming knot whether you are sporting it in the back or the front of your attire. It is a clean look that goes back in time.

Image Source: Pixabay