Bangs or No Bangs? Hairstyle Trends to Pull Off Both


The world has many great debates to consider, Hamlet had his existential dilemma, and we have the debate to have bangs or not to have bangs. Decisions decisions, although it might seem like a big decision, there is a way around it.

We’re about to show you some fabulous hairstyles that can offer you the best of both worlds. Intrigued? Of course you are darling, here’s an introduction to the hairstyle trends that can allow you to pull off both. 

Long Hair with Bangs

One of the most popular and spectacular styles for those of you who want both long hair and bangs is the modern shag with bangs. With its liberal use of waves, the modern shag with bangs has become popular with celebrities making red carpet appearances. 

Here’s another trendy style you might wish to try, a long bob with waves. This hairstyle is sassy and refreshingly modern. 

Short Hair with Bangs

Some hairstyles never die, ever. The bob with its telltale bangs has been around since ancient Egyptian times. It was repopularized in the 1920s during the excitement surrounding the discovery of Egyptian tombs at the time and has remained an iconic look ever since. 

Want something a little more cutting edge? Try a short, messy, wavy bob and unleash your inner wildness. This hairstyle is decidedly sassy as evidenced by the thick, aggressive waves that make the look. 

Long Hair Without Bangs

Determined to live life free of bangs? There’s nothing wrong with that, here’s some inspiration to take into consideration. 

Jennifer Aniston is an icon for a reason, one of those reasons is her iconic hairstyle. That hairstyle is as dazzling today as it was in the 1990s on Friends. Bangs are notably absent from her long, layered hair which makes it a style worth emulating for anyone who wants stylish long hair without any bangs. 

Short Hair Without Bangs

Looking for a fabulous way to sport short hair without bangs? Try a chin-length bob, don’t worry, it doesn’t have bangs! The beauty of this hairstyle is that it can be modified to make yourself look however you want to look. It can be modern, it can b professional, it can even be sassy, so give it a try! 

Now that you have some inspiration, it’s time to call up your favorite hairdresser and revolutionize your look! Whichever style you choose, we’re sure you’ll look positively ravishing!  


Image Source: Pixabay