Arm Candy & Other Bracelet Fashion You Simply Must Try

When dressing up it is never just about the clothes, right? Our accessories are an important part of our outfit as well. So today we are going to look at a specific part of those accessories and how you can use arm candy and other bracelet fashion to complete your look:


Bracelets with charms are definitely an option you should try if you haven´t already. There are so many cute options out there with charms in every size and of all the crazy items you can think of. We bet you can find quite some charms related to some of your favorite things in life and what better way to dress up your arms than that?


Big chains are hot and happening in jewelry this year and they have not only taken over the necklaces department but also chain bracelets are very fashionable. This is surely another trend you simply must try! Go for your favorite shade, gold, silver, gold-rose or something similar and you are ready to rock your outfit with the addition of some chains.

Pearl bracelets

Something completely different then chains but pearls are also back in fashion. From necklaces to earrings and bracelets. So, adding a little pearl bracelet to your look can definitely be a great idea! Sophisticated, minimal and stylish, so you can combine it with a lot of different outfits because it is the typical arm candy that doesn´t steal all the attention but does add a nice touch.

Colorful bangles

Bangles are always a good idea and now is time to add some color to it! Colorful bangles are very fashionable right now so you can eat your heart out with combining different colors and creating a very fun and stylish look for yourself. Dependent on your outfit you can match with your outfit or if you are wearing something pretty plain you can go for a bold option to add some color to your look.

Layering bracelets

Finally, if you can´t choose between the different styles, we have some good news for you: you can also combine various of them by layering different types of bracelets together. Depending on how crazy you want to make it, you can make a real eye-catcher of your arm!

As you can see, there are some great options out there for arm candy, so it is all about what fits your style!