Alternatives For Salon Lashes That Can Be Just As Stunning

When looking at social media and the tv, it seems like eyelash extensions are all around us. And let’s be honest, eyelash extensions can really give your face that little bit extra by making your eyes pop. Another awesome part about extensions is that you don’t have to worry about your makeup routine anymore and even have these glamourous eyes right when you wake up. However, in order to achieve that effect, you need to get your lashes done in a salon, and let’s face it, good salon lashes are anything but cheap. So, let’s look at some alternatives for salon lashes that can create an equally stunning look:

Do it yourself eyelash extensions

First of all, there is obviously the option to put eyelash extensions yourself for the day. The result here depends on the product you are going for. You will be able to find some very cheap alternatives but if you want to create an awesome look, you might want to invest in some higher-end brands that sell reusable eyelash extensions. Even by buying this high-end product, you will still save so much money compared to the salon lashes.

Mascara to have optical eyelash extensions

Next, the type of mascara you use definitely also does a lot. You might not be able to create the full salon lashes, but with good mascara, you will definitely be able to make your eyes pop and create that open look. A fiber mascara, for example, is a great option here. The small fibers will stick to your lashes thereby optically increasing their length and volume.


Finally, there are some promising serums out there that will help your lashes grow. This is a good solution for those that have sparse lashes or if your lashes are not growing anymore. Serums also come in many price ranges and you will have to apply them consistently for several weeks to a couple of months before you will see results, but the good ones do work. Again, you might want to go for a higher-end serum instead of just picking the cheapest option out there but in the end, it will still be much cheaper than salon lashes.

So, if you want to have the lashes that all the rich and famous seem to have but you don’t have their budget, don’t despair because with these three options you will still be able to create a fabulous look that will make your eyes pop for sure!