Accessorizing with the Right Purse or Handbag

Accessorizing is an Art and a science, it takes skill and a little intuition. One of the single most iconic accessories of all time is the purse or handbag. When you pick out your outfit for the day make sure that you have the right purse or handbag to compliment it. Here’s what every fabulous fashionista needs to know about accessorizing with the right purse or handbag.

It All Starts with the Right Brand

When shopping for the right purses or handbags to compliment your outfits this season, you can save yourself a lot of time by adjusting your criteria. When it comes to purses and handbags, the brand says it all. You can sport a perfectly hideous purse and still get compliments if it has the right name on it.

Here’s a catchy little fashion motto to help you on your search, if you want a purse get Prada, if you want a handbag, stick with Balenciaga. The other gods of the fashionista’s pantheon also make exceptional purses and handbags. Look for names that command respect around the world, names like Gucci, Versace, and of course, Givenchy.

Choose Something That Screams, You!

Your outfit and your handbag should always compliment each other, they should never be in conflict. Try to find handbags that match your outfits even if that means buying 17 handbags, at least now you have an excuse!

One of the most important factors to take into consideration when accessorizing with a purse or handbag is that it must reflect your own unique personality. If you’re eclectic, then your purse should be too! Likewise, if you favor a more conservative style, your purse should reflect that.

It’s all about who you are and how you want to be seen. Do you want to be the girl that commands attention with a bright red Gucci handbag? Or do you want to blend into your surroundings?  Some of the most extraordinary handbags are also the most subtle and reserved.

A Girl Has to be Practical, Well, at Least Sometimes

Brand name and aesthetics aside, a girl has to be practical sometimes which means you have to look for a purse that has all the right features. Think about what you typically store in your purse and make sure that your new one will have the proper variety of compartments to accommodate everything you would usually carry.

Sporting a small evening bag is perfectly fine, in the evening, but you can’t go with a purse that’s too small for everyday excursions, there’s just not enough room darling.


Image Source: Pixabay