6 Quick Ways To Combat Bad Breath When You Can´t Brush Your Teeth

Having bad breath before an important meeting or a meetup with friends is not something most of us enjoy. And yet, it happens more often than not that we find ourselves without a toothbrush and with a bad odor emergency.

Here are 6 quick ways to combat bad breath when you can´t brush your teeth:

Breath mints

The obvious choice to combat your bad breath is to always keep a box of breath mints in your purse. The stronger, the better so don´t be afraid of a strong taste, if you really want to get rid of bad breath, you need the strong stuff.

Keep your mouth hydrated

Keeping your mouth hydrated can keep bad smells under control. Your saliva can wash away food particles and bacteria so if you don´t produce enough saliva to keep your mouth hydrated to make sure to drink a lot of water or chew sugarless gum.

Scrape your tong

If you don’t have your toothbrush with you, you won´t be able to brush your tongue to get rid of bacteria but, maybe you do have access to a spoon? With a spoon, you can achieve the same effect and scrape of all the smell provoking bacteria from your tongue. There are also specially designed scrapers for this, that you can keep in your handbag.

Mouth water

Another item to keep in your purse is a little bag of mouth water so you can quickly freshen up your breath in emergency situations. If you feel like your breath can get really bad, make sure to keep a very strong-tasting mouth wash with you at all times because you will surely be able to combat the odor before stepping into your next meeting.

DIY mouth wash

Even the strongest smelling mouth odors like garlic or onion can be tackled with a DIY mouth wash from apple cider vinegar and water. Swish the mix around in your mouth for a few seconds and you will achieve a fresh breath instantly. Another option is adding salt to some warm water and rinsing your mouth.

Apple, carrot or celery

Yes, you are reading that right. Eating an apple, a carrot or some celery can work as a natural toothbrush and help you remove bacteria that may be stuck to your teeth. And, as an added bonus they also stimulate saliva production, so you are getting two benefits for the price of one by just eating your fruits and veggies!