5 Tips To Help Teens Juggle Busy School Schedules

Picture of students at school

Are you kept busy with six hours of school every workday, sports and other activities after school that leaves you with little time to manage your homework and have a fantastic social life? Well, we’ve got 5 top tips that’ll help you juggle your time better and ensure you have fun while making those top grades.

1 – Make a schedule you can stick to

You’ve probably tried making a schedule before and managed to stick with it for a week or two before it was abandoned at the bottom of your school locker. It’s not that schedules themselves are difficult, it’s that it’s easy to add too much to it so it becomes difficult to meet your own high expectations.

Put down the essential lessons, coaching sessions and other stuff that you have to do each week. Then slot in the “nice to dos” around them leaving some time for yourself too.

2 – Use your weekends to your advantage

If you don’t have time to get your school assignments done during the week, then the weekend is the perfect time to catch up and meet those deadlines. Yes, it can be difficult being stuck indoors on the weekend when your friends are out having fun, so why not meet up and work together in a local library or café? You’ll blitz through those essays, have help when you need it and be able to hang out together.

3 – Learn to multi-task

If you spend a lot of time in the dance studio or running laps around your school’s race track, why not pop in your headphones and listen to some audio lectures at the same time? Whether your school allows you to record lessons, or you’ve found some awesome podcasts to deepen your understanding of subjects, using your brain as you work out your body is a great way of keeping both in good condition.

4 – Look after your health

Your diary is packed full for at least the next five years so you simply don’t have time to get ill. Staying healthy is the best way to keep your mind working hard on that school work and your body fit enough to sustain everything you throw at it, including those all-night revision sessions after a day on the sports field.

Eat a balanced diet, exercise whenever you can and keep that junk food down to a minimum to keep your body and brain fit and strong now and in the future.