5 Natural Snacks That Give You Energy

When it comes to snacking in between meals, it is often easiest to grab for chocolate, cookies or other sugary items. However, for our energy levels, this is quite killing. It might feel good in the beginning to get that sugar rush to feel full of energy again but the moment that peak is over, we fall down hard when it comes to our energy levels. If we replace the sugary, processed snacks with natural snacks, we can actually get our energy up and maintain that energy for a much longer time.

Therefore, let´s look at our favourite natural snacks that give you energy:


Fruit is also full of sugar, but these are natural sugars and therefore your energy levels won´t crash immediately after. Especially apples and bananas are quite good for an energy boost and if you need the serious stuff, add some (all natural!) peanut butter to your fruit to really get your energy levels on point.

Hummus with veggies

A bit of hummus to dip your veggies is also a great way to get your energy levels up in a natural and sustainable way. And this snack is also something you can take with you. Just take a little cup with hummus and some veggies cut in stripes and you are good to go.

Mixed nuts and dried fruit

This is considered brain food because nuts can give your brain a lot of energy and ability to focus better. You can create your own mix consisting of nuts and dried fruits such as raisins, cranberries or mango cubs that you always carry with you in your purse for healthy snacking between meals.

Hard-boiled egg

Eggs are full of protein and vitamins and can provide great energy to your body. A boiled egg, therefore, makes for a perfect snack between hours as well. This is another option that you can easily prepare at home and take with you to the office or to school to make sure you always have a healthy alternative ready.


This snack provides your body with fibre, magnesium and bits of protein. It is a great option to eat between meals and is kind of the perfect snack that you can always carry with you for emergency hunger attacks.

With these snacks, the in-between eating turns from being a sin to providing your body with real energy.