5 Must-Have Items For Your Pregnancy Wardrobe

When it comes to your pregnancy wardrobe, you don´t need nearly as much as many marketing experts try to make you believe. There are a few must-have items for these nine months that ideally, you combine with clothes you already have such as your comfy shoes, cardigans, kimonos, and jackets. So, if you don´t want to invest too much in a whole new wardrobe, make sure you go for these 5 must-have items and you are good to go:

Basic tees

First of all, you will want to get some basic maternity tees that you can easily combine with your existing cardigans and jackets. This is the easiest way to create a maternity wardrobe without spending loads of money, use what you already have and that you can keep using during your pregnancy, and just buy some basics to combine them with.

Maternity jeans

You will want to invest in at least one good maternity jeans that you can wear during your pregnancy. Especially during the second half of your pregnancy, you will be grateful for this item because maternity jeans are very comfortable, support your growing bump, and can help create fashionable looks. Maternity jeans come in all kinds of models and colors so you will surely find something to your liking.

Comfy maternity dress

A nice maternity dress is also worth buying. There are loads of options out there for different occasions but for everyday life, we would advise buying a comfortable cotton knee-length maternity dress because they are versatile, and you can combine them in so many different ways. You can find comfy dresses in different prints so the best thing to do is to look at what fits best with the majority of the shoes, cardigans, and jackets you might be combining it with so you can get the most out of this item.

Maternity leggings

Apart from day-to-day clothes, you will also want some comfortable home wear or something you can wear for doing small workouts, walks, or yoga. Therefore, maternity leggings are definitely something to add to your wardrobe for these nine months. Whether it is for crashing on the couch with Netflix or going for that power walk to keep your exercise up, you will make good use of this item and for both types of occasions, you will be happy you bought maternity leggings for the extra support for your belly.


Finally, get yourself a maternity bra that will not only support your (probably growing) breast during your pregnancy but will also serve its purpose if you plan to breastfeed your baby.