5 Must Have Fashion Trends For Eid Al Fitr In 2018

Ramadan may be the holiest of months for Muslims around the world, but there’s no denying that it is the festival of Eid which many look forward to! The end of the month-long fast is marked by celebrations that include music, food, gift-giving and dressing in the finest fashions. If you haven’t quite figured out what to wear this year for your own Eid celebration, don’t panic! With more and more young Muslim designers emerging every year, the chance to wear the latest styles is easier than ever. Here are just a few trends to look for when considering what to wear for Eid this year.

1. Rethink the hijab

Even though the hijab may be part of your normal, everyday clothing, there are many ways you can switch it up for Eid Al Fitr. Consider wearing the hijab in one of the looser styles, allowing the long ends to just hang over your shoulders, or try one of the new ‘turban’ style hijabs that are in fashion this year for a more exotic look.

2. Layer it up

The great thing about layering clothing is you can incorporate pieces you already own with a few new items from the latest designer collections. Shrugs are very popular this year, whether you opt for a romantic lace fabric or go glam with sequins and the metallic fabrics that showed up on the runways this year.

3. Bright and bold

2018 has seen a whole range of different prints being used by the top designers, including some you’d least expect to see in modest clothing, such as tartan. Many designer collections this year included large, geometric prints and we’ve also seen a whole variety of colors, from vibrant citruses and pretty pastels to bolder monochrome hues.

4. Heavy metals

Your accessories can make or break an outfit and Eid is the perfect time to wear some of those statement pieces that wouldn’t normally be part of your everyday outfit. Arab fashion week saw jewelry heavily featured this season, in particular ‘stacked’ pieces, such as bracelets that extended up the arms or around the neck in chunkier, unembellished golds and silvers.

5. Sleeker silhouettes

While some women will always favor the soft, flowing fabrics for a pretty, romantic look, many Muslim fashion bloggers and influencers are loving the more fitted styles, pairing a sleeker tunic with pants that only flare below the knee. Pants that feature a pleated bottom are also in this year as are straight-legged styles that extend the slender silhouette from top to bottom.

If you want to see what’s in (and what’s definitely out!) in terms of fashions for Eid, check out some of the biggest Muslim fashion influencers on Instagram – while you might not want to copy their styles head to toe, you can choose which pieces to add that will really make your Eid style your own!