4 Ways To Transform An Oversized Tee Into A Fashion Statement

Oversized tees…. we probably all have quite a few of them in our closet and they are the typical items that you don´t know when to wear, except for maybe on the couch or as your comfy PJs, but you are keeping them anyway.

However, what if we told you that there are some great ways to revamp or transform these oversized tees to make a real fashion statement? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Crop top

Crops tops are almost always a good idea and with your oversized tees, you can definitely make a great crop top as well! Make sure you try the tee on first so you know where you will want to cut it and then it´s time to start cutting. Also, before getting your scissors ready, mark on both sides of the t-shirt the line where it should be cut so you are sure to start cutting it straight. If you think your sleeves also look oversized, you can also cut off the trim there to make them a little shorter.

Asymmetrical one-shoulder tee

By cutting open one shoulder of your oversized tee, you will be able to very simply create a very sophisticated and edgy look. To do so, start with turning your tee inside out with the front up and pick the side you are going to cut. Start with a small vertical opening of about 2 inches parallel to the collar of the shirt, then keep cutting but diagonally to the corner of the sleeve so you get a triangle. Turn the shoulder on to the back and you will see there is one uncut part, cut this as well by following the curve of your previous cut back up to where the collar starts and then cut it off in a triangle shape.

Sleeveless top

This one is pretty simple but will definitely transform your tee by making it much more fashionable. By just cutting off the sleeves you will achieve a completely different look. Make sure you decide on how sleeveless you want to go beforehand and decide where you want the new hem to hit.

V-neck 2.0

This is not your typical v-neck but by cutting out a little triangle under the collar, in the middle of your tee, you will get a very fashionable effect. Tug your tee into a skirt or pants and you have just created yourself a truly stylish look with that old, oversized tee from your closet!