4 Ways Men Can Add A Pop Of Color To Their Outfits

How Men Can Add A Pop Of Color To Their Outfits

If you’re more of a black suit or shirt with jeans kind of man, it can be difficult knowing how to add a pop of colour into your ensemble. If there’s more blue, black and brown in your wardrobe than anything else, read on to discover how to add colour and visual interest to your daily attire.

1. Make a statement with accessories

By far the easiest ways to add a dash of colour is by introducing accessories, and it’s something that works whether you’re a suit kind of man or prefer the smart casual look. For the office, colourful ties, bow ties and cufflinks are a great option that’ll work well for everything from client negotiations to board meetings.

Hats, watches and sunglasses are a fun way to brighten up a shirt with jeans or slacks. Whether they’re a simple design that’s brightly coloured, or you go bold with prints and patterns, there’s a vast and versatile choice suitable for any occasion.

2. Keep it cool with playful t-shirts

A colourful t-shirt, when layered correctly with jeans and jacket, is a great way to add that visual interest while playing it cool. Think contrasting colours that literally pop rather than neutral or pastel shades that’ll keep things subtle and low-key.

Instead of patterns and prints on t-shirts, think more of a 70s style vibe with tie-dye and band shirts being a great way to introduce colour.

3. Sneak some colour into your outfit with sneakers

Shoes are a great way to add a fun touch to your attire, and with men, it tends to be sneakers, trainers and canvas shoes that offer the widest choice. Whether it’s bright and flashy with fluorescent colours and shoelaces or bold animal prints and patterns, shoes really are a fantastic way to make a colourful statement with what you wear.

We think adding colourful shoelaces to regular black shoes is a neat touch when you want to stand out from the rest of the office crowd and make a fun impression.

4. When all else fails opt for a checked shirt

Checked shirts are a wardrobe classic and with everything from small checked designs on shirts through to oversized checks in fleece workwear, you’re bound to find something you like regardless of the occasion.

Many designers are introducing fun and exciting colour combinations like pink and purple to their check shirts this year, so splash out on something a little different to make your outfit pop for the right reasons.