4 Tips to Improve Your Posture

Every true fashionista knows the importance of posture. The way you walk and carry yourself is just as important as what you wear. If you’re decked out in Versace and walking with your back slouched, it doesn’t make a good impression. Here are some helpful tips that can improve your posture.

1.  Walk with Your Back Straight

One of the biggest and most common problems people have with their posture is that they don’t walk with their back straight. Walking with your back slouched is a sign of poor posture. Not only does it make you look somewhat awkward, but it’s also bad for your back. Walking with your back slouched for many consecutive years can lead to serious back problems later in life.

2.  Keep Your Shoulders Up

Now that you know you’re supposed to keep your back straight it’s time to start keeping your shoulders up. You don’t have to keep your shoulders constantly raised to the point that it looks like your lifting something, just don’t let them hang down. When your shoulders hang down it can make you look slouchy, and we don’t want that.

3.  Sit Comfortably, but Not Too Comfortably

Whether you know it or not, sitting is an Art form. It takes a great deal of practice and skill to sit just right. When you sit in a chair amongst company whether they’re friends, family, or mere acquaintances, you should sit in a relaxed position, preferably with your legs crossed.

You should lean back in your chair but not too far back. If you lean too far back in your chair you will look slouchy. Generally, you should not sit leaning forward in your chair either because it will make you look anxious. The trick is to employ a natural pose that makes you look both comfortable and alert.

4.  Don’t Hang Your Head Down, Always Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is crucial to the Art of conversation, and as it so happens, maintaining proper eye contact can help improve your posture. Talking with your head hanging down and your eyes on the floor is bad for your posture and could also make the person you’re speaking with feel ignored, uncomfortable, or both. By maintaining eye contact, you will keep your head relatively level by default unless of course you are standing and the person you’re speaking with is sitting down.

There you have it darlings, 4 helpful tips to improve your posture. As long as you follow them and keep these tips in mind you will exhibit exceptional posture!


Image Source: Pixabay