4 Selfcare Tips During Pregnancy

Selfcare is important for any woman, but it becomes especially important when you are pregnant. You are growing a human being, and this can hard on your body physically but also mentally. Worrying and stressing about your unborn child or how much your life is going to change is very normal but during these nine months, you will want to avoid stress for your own and your baby´s sake. Therefore, it is very important to really take good care of yourself during your pregnancy. Apart from the typical, eat healthy, keep your body moving (unless the doctor indicates otherwise), drink enough water, and sleep enough tips, let´s look at four selfcare tips to really treat yourself a bit:

Allow yourself to take naps

Apart from making sure you get a good rest during the night and enough hours of sleep, don´t feel ashamed to take some little naps during the day as well. Especially when your pregnancy progresses, you might wake up a lot during the night or you might suffer from insomnia so if you have the chance to take a few power naps during the day, just do it! Your body needs it and the more rested you will get to your due date, the better for everyone involved.

Pamper yourself

Make it a habit to pamper yourself a little bit during these months. This could be booking yourself a mani-pedi, a pregnancy massage, or going to a spa. You deserve it, mama! Especially later in your pregnancy when you might be having back pains, a specialized massage can really feel good, so it is time to give yourself some extra me-time. Once the baby is born it will be much more difficult to find these peaceful pamper moments so go for it while you still can.


Prepare yourself a nice, foamy bath, get a good magazine, book, or your favorite Netflix series nearby, and just soak it in. If you want to take it one step further, add some candles, a cup of tea, and some chocolate to the side of the bath, and enjoy this relaxing moment just for you!

Go outside and disconnect

Finally, make sure to go outside and just disconnect. Try to avoid using your phone or headset, just enjoy nature and read a book in the sun or take a walk while completely disconnecting. You will see how relaxing this can work and you will come back feeling like a new person.