4 Fashion Accessories Every Kid Needs

4 Fashion Accessories Every Kid Needs

Fashion accessories for kids can be tricky, you want to do something fun but not overdo it. After all, they are still young. Also, every kid is different and some girly-girls might want to have a lot of accessories (and maybe be just like mommy!) whereas other girls or boys might not want anything at all. Therefore, here we have gathered 4 fashion accessories that can work for every kid:

Mommy & me outfits

Although they will probably hate this when they get older, how fun are mommy & me outfits? Moms tend to love this so you better take your twinning opportunity when they are young! There are plenty of nice mommy & me options, from completely matched outfits to subtler matching patterns or colors so you can really make this as crazy as you want. If you have a son, completely matched outfits might not always be an option, but matching tees or matching patterns could still be super fun!

Cool backpack

This is a must have fashion accessory for all kids: a cool backpack! There are so many nice options out there that you actually really have to try your best to NOT find a great backpack for your kid. Animal shapes, crazy colors, personalized backpacks, you will be able to find something for everyone. Be it for school, for sports classes or just for taking their water bottle and some snacks when playing outside with friends, a backpack is a must!

Leather bracelets

This is a great one for both girls and boys of all ages. Cute little leather bracelets will look good with any outfit. And you can adjust it to your liking, from one small bracelet to many, and from around the arms only to ankle bracelets as well. And, an additional advantage, they don´t have to take them off for going to bed, taking a shower or swimming classes so it´s convenient as well.


Another one that works great for everybody: baseball caps! Again, there are so many choices and options out there, that there is usually something for everyone’s liking. And apart from being able to complement any sort of outfit, a cap, especially in summer, comes in very handy for the sun as well and to avoid heat strokes.

That’s it for now, with these 4 accessories you basically can’t go wrong! So, if you still want to do some fall shopping for your child, this is where you can start.