4 Decorating Tips To Make A Cluttered Room Look Spacious

Picture of a spacious small room

Often our rooms get cluttered when there just isn’t space for storage to put things away neatly. Lack of space can be a big problem and only makes that mess look ten times worse than it actually is. So, how can you make a cluttered room look more spacious?

Well, thanks to a few simple decorating tips and tricks it’s easier than you might think. Here are our 4 favourite tips that you can put to use straight away for a bigger and brighter feeling room.

1. Use light colours for the walls and floors

Dark colours can make a room feel smaller than it is by absorbing light rather than reflecting it. That’s great when trying to make a large room warm and cosy but will only make a small room feel more cluttered.

Opt for light and neutral shades to allow natural light to be reflected around the room to instantly make it look more spacious. Lighter coloured floors will make the room feel airier and painting the ceilings can add height to a room making it feel taller and less cluttered.

2. Use multi-purpose furniture

When clutter is proving a headache in your home opt for multi-purpose furniture that offers storage space. Being able to put things away, so they’re out of sight without the need for additional storage in a room is the perfect solution when space is minimal.

3. Give the curtains a miss

If you can get away without curtains or blinds in a small room, it’s best to do so. Not only does it enable natural light to fill a room and make it feel more spacious, but it also adds more depth instantly making a room feel bigger than it is.

When privacy is essential, use fitted blinds in a neutral and light shade for best effect.

4. Avoid ceiling lights

Top-down lighting can feel harsh, and with the light pooling in one place creating shadows, it can make the room feel smaller than it is. Using smaller wall and corner lights draws the eye around the room creating an illusion of spaciousness.

Light at different levels works well too so a few floor and table lamps can be used to great effect with wall sconces being a fantastic option for adding some personality and artistic flair to a room while encouraging light to work to your favour.