4 Common Beauty Tips To Avoid At All Costs

4 Common Beauty Tips to Avoid at all Costs

With so many websites, YouTube channels, Instagram posts and women’s magazines out there, the amount of information and advice we get regarding make-up and skincare can be overwhelming. New products are introduced daily, most of them making all kinds of claims and promises, but many falling short on delivering the goods. No wonder many women are lost when it comes to buying and using beauty products! Looking (and feeling) our best shouldn’t be hard – you just need to know which tips to follow and which to avoid.

1. Use concealer sparingly

While for many of us concealer is our best friend, covering up a multitude of blemishes, dark circles and the tell-tale signs of a late night, it’s all too easy to overuse. Choosing a concealer just a little lighter than your foundation is essential and if it has light-reflecting properties, that will make the skin appear brighter and more luminous. Mixing concealer with a little moisturizer will ensure that it goes on smoothly, especially in the under-eye area and not enhance small lines and wrinkles.

2. Go easy on the plucking

We’ve all done it – you pick up the tweezers intending to just pluck out those few stray hairs and before you know it, you’ve plucked your way to skinny, barely-there brows! While hair will always (hopefully!) grow back, you can avoid this completely by having a game plan before you pluck. Using an eyebrow pencil, fill in the desired shape (there are many guides online to help you determine the best shape for your face), and only pluck outside these lines. Following this rule will ensure over-plucking is a thing of the past!

3. Color within the lines

While coloring outside the lines might be fun when you’re a kid, when it comes to your lips, it’s a definite no-no. And although we may all want that Angelina Jolie, full-lipped pout, trying to fake it with lip liner will leave you looking more clown-like than movie star. Don’t worry – there are other tricks of the trade you can use to make your lips seem fuller such as using a lighter shade of lipstick, adding a touch of highlighter to the centre of the bottom lip and the two fuller parts of the top and, finally, sweeping a light coat of gloss over the entire mouth to really make it pop.

4. Coat with care

If you’re not lucky enough to have naturally thick, long and luscious eyelashes then you have two options – either pay a premium price for eyelash extensions or, the more affordable option, use mascara to enhance those skimpy lashes. While this is likely the more affordable choice for most of us, knowing how to use mascara is vital if you don’t want to end up with a clumpy, spider-like mess. Proper application is key – even a top of the line brand used incorrectly will result in amateur-looking lashes. Patience is the key here and, tempting as it might be to apply a thick first layer, going with two or even three thinner coats, allowing time for them to dry and brushing between applications, will give you lashes that look naturally longer, thicker and less likely to leave tell-tale black flakes under your eyes over the course of the day.