3 Back to School Tips for Busy Mums

3 Back to School Tips for Busy Mums

When the smell of pumpkin spice latte is in the air you know it’s back to school time for the little ones, and if that thought fills you with dread, you’re not alone.

When you’re a busy working mum getting your children to school on time complete with lunch, sports kit and their musical instrument for band practice can feel more challenging than an in-depth presentation to the board of directors. Our top tips you’ll be ready to tackle whatever obstacles your children and school will have in store for you.

1. Know your child’s timetable better than they do

When you know the lessons your child has each day at school it makes it so much easier to ensure they have everything they need at a glance the night before, and not when they decide to remind you when you’re halfway there already.

Put a copy of the timetable on your fridge along with any extra-curricular activities, so everyone knows what’s happening when and can prepare accordingly.

2. Introduce the school routine a week or so before school starts

You know that early to bed and early to rise routine that our children love to rebel against? To avoid those tantrums and ensure they’re getting the sleep they need to focus at school, establish a routine well in advance of them going back, so they have time to adjust to it.

Establishing a good morning routine is the key to ensuring your child is showered and well-fed before they reach the school gates and ready to learn with open minds rather than empty stomachs.

3. Involve the children in making their own packed lunch

We all remember those times when we’d open our lunchboxes with trepidation, never knowing what our Mum’s had made for us that day, followed by the tense negotiations with other children trying to swap the salmon sandwiches for something tastier.

To avoid that and have packed lunches your children will want to eat, it’s best to involve them as much as possible in the preparation of it. Encouraging them to create their own balanced lunch for each day and teaching them how to prepare it is a valuable lesson, and one that will stand them in good stead as they transition from school into the workplace.

Back to school is so much easier when everyone is prepared and excited for the start of the new term, so have positive conversations with your children about what they’re looking forward to and reflect on what was learned at the end of each school day to keep spirits high and stress to a minimum.