How To Dress Streetwear Without Looking Grungy

Streetwear is becoming more and more popular and this trend is here to last. This fashion style started becoming widespread in the 1990s already and has gone from surf and skate culture, to hiphop, punk, and bohemian styles. Nowadays it even incorporates some haute couture influences. Streetwear is very versatile and a true mixture of styles, but casual is the main characteristic of this trend.

However, with casual often comes wide, oversized clothing. And oversized is definitely a key concept that can be spotted in current streetwear, especially for men. But this trend comes with a risk, being trendy is one thing but looking sloppy and grungy is another. You want your streetwear to be on point, therefore, here are our tips on how to dress streetwear without looking grungy:

Oversized vs too big

First of all, know the difference between oversized clothes that are a few sizes too big for you. If you want to wear your streetwear right, you will want to focus on clothes that are designed oversized but that are actually the right size for you. Purposefully oversized clothes have the required structure and measurements you need in order to avoid looking sloppy or grungy.

Balance it out

As with everything, it´s all in the balance. So, don´t go completely overboard and wear everything oversized because that´s the streetwear trend right now. The key is in balancing it out in your outfit, so if you wear something very oversized you will want to balance that out with a slimmer piece somewhere else in your outfit. Try to stick to one item in your outfit that is truly oversized and keep the rest to a normal or slimmer fit.

Go for quality not quantity

Although the name streetwear may suggest otherwise, you will want to pick quality baggy outfits in order to avoid looking grungy. Therefore, pick quality materials and fewer items instead of loading your cart with cheap fast fashion.

Start easy

If you´re new to this trend, start easy. For example, an oversized sweater is a great way to add some streetstyle to your outfit. Oversized tees under a blazer or an oversized jacket are other great ways to get you started. If you want to start at the bottom, swop your skinny jeans for a looser model to add some bagginess to your look. As mentioned above, don´t go too crazy in the beginning, ease yourself into this style.